Friday, March 26, 2010

Hydogen Peroxide is your friend.

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Hydrogen Peroxide is great for so many things...

My favorite use is to clean the carpet in my car. My kids have found some really creative ways to stain it, and the peroxide has removed it all. (well, except for the red icee..)I have found that using a fresh bottle works much better.

A lot of people use it for everything since it is so" green". I like it because it's cheap! In a funny coincidence, my sister did a post about using rubbing alcohol to clean with here.

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  1. Wow I never would have though peroxide for carpet stains! Thanks for the tip!! We are re-doing my 3 year olds room into a big girl room and we bought this carpet cleaner machine which is working great but there is still a few stubborn juice stains....I think I may try the peroxide....Thanks so much for the tip!
    Your blog is super cute BTW....
    Have a great weekend :0)