Tuesday, March 23, 2010


If you don't like pineapple, you might as well hit the back button(and get your head checked :). That's all this post is about. Random, I know....

I LOVE fresh pineapple. If you have an Aldi store nearby, they have Dole fresh, whole pineapples for .99!!

That is a fabulous price, the cheapest I have ever found. I bought 3, and I will flash freeze 2 of them for smoothies. I learned a trick a while back on how to make the most of your whole pineapple.

-Put the pineapple upside down in your refridgerator for one hour.
Sounds easier than it is, they aren't exactly designed to stand on their head. I empty one of my door shelves temporarily, and it holds them in place.

It might seem like a weird thing to do, but it redistributes all the natural sugars through the pineapple before you cut it, so it is equally as sweet the whole way through.

To flash freeze, I cut it up into pieces, and lay them out onto a cookie sheet covered with freezer paper, or wax paper. Once frozen, I put them into a ziploc freezer bag. This way, they freeze into individual pieces, not a big lump, and I can grab a handful out of the bag when I make a smoothie.

Iknow, this isn't pineapple, I haven't done mine yet, but I wanted a photo and you don't get much when you Google "flash frozen pineapple images".

(this photo is from Kelly @ Fathful Provisions)

For my smoothies, I use lowfat vanilla or plain yogurt, frozen fruit, a little skim milk, and some ice. I sometimes use fresh fruit, and if I do I add more ice. I like them really cold. Plus, the ice addds bulk, making you feel fuller.

They are also good with bananas and a little peanut butter. I even add cooked, plain oatmeal occasionally. Sound gross? I promise it's really good. And, again, very filling with very few calories and no fat.

You may not have wanted to know any of this, but I guess if you didn't, you didn't make it this far down the page!

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