Friday, March 5, 2010

Littlebits - typical day

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What is a typical day around here??

6:30 - 6:45 Get up, get kids dressed, and oldest ready for school. Load everyone into car, make 2 stops for carpool, unload big kids, return home by 7:50 ish.

8:00 Try to make myself look presentable after driving carpool looking like living dead.

8:30 make beds, clean up house a little

9:30 run any errands needed. Usually Publix and Hobby Lobby.

The middle of a normal day goes something like this:

pick up toys
make snack
return emails and calls
clean up spilled snack
paint a moment or 2
referree fight
pick up toys again
fold laundry
make lunch
read book to kids
sweep lunch crumbs
return call I missed while reading
pick up more toys
see why someone is crying 2 rooms away
kiss boo boo
paint a little more
more laundry
attempt to photograph what I have painted or made(like this or this)
make afternoon snack
make vain attempt at a blog post
oldest home from school
make his snack
help get homework started
pick up again
start dinner (while simultaneously doing laundry)

After dinner, it's a lot of baths, stories, and a little more homework.

I usually work until 11:00 or later. (luckily, my workspace is in the back of the family room - so I'm with my hubby, who is on the sofa...)

Then bed, with a few minutes of a good book.
Looking at it written out, it doesn't sound nearly as good as it is. I wouldn't change a thing. (except for maybe all the laundry)

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