Friday, March 12, 2010

Grocery Nerd - part III

I have had several people ask me to continue to occasionally post about my groceries. So, here's this week's trip to Publix. ( I only spent 1/2 of my $60 budget!)

2 Loaves Sara lee bread
2 12 packs Publix drinks
3 Bounty napkins
3 Quaker Granola bars
2 Bounce dryer bars
1 Bounce dryer sheets
2 Starbucks Coffee
1 fish sticks
3 Country crock side dishes
1 bag salad
1 doz eggs
1 roast
3 Bertolli pasta sauce
6 sundown vitamins
1 bag chips
1 dial hand soap
3 Dawn dishsoap
4 Frusion Smoothie packs of 4
1 Publix hummus
1 Athenos hummus
1 oscar Mayer salami
2 lunchables
2 greek yogurt2 Downy softener
1 Arm and Hammer detergent
2 gallons milk
1 Aunt Jemima syrup
4 Orville Redenbacher popcorn
16 boxes Knox gelatin
Total before tax $26.41

I guess I need to google recipes that include Knox gelatin. I bought it because it gave me overage toward my groceries.

I don't have a problem with store brands, but I rarely need to buy them anymore. I can usually find a better deal on the brand name items. Crazy, I know.

To find deals like these, check out these sites, or leave comments with questions.

Southern Savers

I Heart Publix

Frugal Dr. Mom

Faithful Provisions

I was thrilled to have a beautiful spring day today. I love that we got to play outside. I'm not so sure that I loved seeing my Lilly try to ride a skateboard. At least she was wearing a dress....

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