Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Bill the Bull

There are so many things I loved about growing up in Nashville. I always lived in the city, but I was still able to experience some aspects of "farm" life.
Nearby, we have a Chik-fil-a with a farmhouse and horses right across the street. My grandparents ran a dairy farm. The dairy farm my dad grew up on is now a runway at the Nashville International Airport.

The property they moved their farm to is just a few miles away. The property is still in my family, and there are still cows around to keep the land clear. My sweet dad feeds them every day, and my kids LOVE to go along.

This is 'Big Bill'. He is the biggest bull and you don't mess with him. (even though my mom swears he is really sweet)

Lilly loves to stand at the fence (which is a little rickety for my taste - especially with Big Bill on the other side), and call the cows to dinner.

The official cow call is "Sook,sook, come on!!"

Don't ask me what it means - I have NO idea. It sounds just as crazy to me.

But it works..

My sweet baby girl can yell this at the top of her 3 year old lungs, and they all come lumbering over. It is so funny when she says it,so I made it the ringtone on my phone.

Baker loves to climb up in the loft to throw down the hay.

I have to keep Lilly occupied with the barn cat so she doesn't beg to go up too.

This is Tippy Tail.

Tippy Tail is your friend if you give her treats - a trick Lilly learned quickly.

When I was little, there was also a large hog pen. I was mortified of them. My grandfather was a little gruff, and did not mince words. He told me to stay away from them, and that's exactly what I did.
Every year they would slaughter hogs. My parents have some lovely, charming, photos of my sister and I in front of a headless hog hanging by his feet.
I will spare you this photo. It's gross, and I'm sure someone would call PETA and Child Protective Services. What was my mom thinking?

Did you notice that some of the cows have a big orange dot on their hind ends? That shows which cows are being "taken away". (Adios, Big Bill!)

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